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Udemy – Advanced Backend Web Development

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Course Description

In this course we examine several technologies. The first is Grunt. Grunt is a task runner which is a way for us to implement a build system to handle writing our code in different languages, preprocessing, minifying our code, and doing unit testing — all automated. We’ll also take a look at Coffeescript, which is a preprocessor for Javascript. It follows a lot of similar structures to Python and is very, very popular.

Finally, we’ll discuss Sockets. Sockets are a way for us to open a constant connection between the server and the client. Normally when you make a request, the request goes up and then comes down with the data. With a socket, that request goes up and stays open, allowing the server to send data whenever it wants and the client to send data whenever it wants.

So, we can make real time applications using sockets and we’ll take a look at how to implement a very simple system using socket IO.

Course Includes:

16 videos with over 50 minutes of lectures and explanations.
6 external resource files.
1 exercise to help you master advanced backend web development concepts.

What You’ll Learn:

Introduction to Grunt
Setting up Grunt with css-min
Uglify JS files
Setting up custom tasks
Watching files
Basics of CoffeeScript
If Statements
Comments, Strings, and Interpolation
Introduction to Sockets
Scaffolding the project
Setting up Sockets
Communicating between connections
Additional Resources
And More!

What are the requirements?

Introduction to JavaScript Development
Intermediate JavaScript Development
Introduction to Node.js Development
Advanced JavaScript Development
Advanced Node.js Development
What am I going to get from this course?
Course Goal: Learn how to improve development productivity with task runners and preprocessors
Use Sockets for real-time client-server communication
Use CoffeeScript to improve writing JavaScript
Automate multiple tasks using Grunt
What is the target audience?
Advanced Web Developers
Advanced JavaScript Developers