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College of New Caledonia – Web and Graphic Design

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Develop your skills and express your creativity

If you want to work as a creative professional in a career you love, then CNC’s Web & Graphic Design Program is for you. Learn visual and online communication strategies, digital art and interactive media, web design, typography, project management and creative problem solving while you prepare promotional materials to promote yourself and other businesses. Our one and two-year program offers a creative learning environment that spans multiple disciplines yet still gives you the opportunity to specialize in a chosen field. Use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro along with other Adobe Creative Cloud Software. Strategically position yourself for careers in communication design, web, digital media production, illustration and many other creative fields.

Where can this take me?

Potential careers in Web and Graphic design include:

Front-end web developer (user experience, user interface)
Motion graphic designer
Digital artist
Graphic novel artist
Character designer
Game designer
Interactive digital media designer
Industrial or product designer (3D product design: jewelry, toys etc.)
Advertising specialist (visual identity, branding, logo, interface, layout)
Print designer (books, product packaging, catalogs, magazines, advertisements, promotional and informational materials, educational materials, corporate print materials)
3D or 2D animator
3D modeller

With these careers, there is a variety of places you might work. You could end up working at a web design studio, graphic design agency, marketing agency, television station, copy and print centre, sign and graphic company, newspaper or publishing company (including online), video production company, the film and television industry, or anywhere that requires an in-house web/graphic designer.